Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sincerest Apologies

My sincerest apologies dear followers for the dearth of recent posts. I understood when taking on the responsibility of informing douchebags why, in the context of bicycles and bicycle maintenance, they are douchebags, that it was a monumental undertaking. So many douchebags.

What I had not counted on was the fact that, in the Upper Midwest, service business falls off like a shot put off a kitchen table as soon as the leaves start changing. This means my contact with douchebags is limited to my coworkers, and though they all fall into that category occasionally, they really are douchebags of a different caliber and don't offer me quite the same material.

So, in an effort to keep you entertained and informed, I'll start mining some older work. While not current, the characteristics of the douchebag do not change so quickly as to render it obsolete. Coming soon: the many ways participants in organized rides can piss me off. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.