Friday, August 14, 2015

Lottery Bikes

You've got them, I've got them, anybody with an interest in bikes and a pulse has them: lottery bikes.  The bikes we'd put together (or for some sad people, who would pay to have them put together) if money were no object.  They run through our heads constantly, ever changing depending on the weather and the ride we took last.

Today's post was inspired by this post on the Cycle Exif site:  There are a few custom builders out there who are so far ahead of everybody else it's a joke.  I was going to list them off, but since they're going to be on the following list, let's not waste our time.  Below are the bikes I'd order today if money were no object.  Sure, we could drill down into the minutiae of component spec, which spokes I'd use, etc, but that's not what this is about.  This is about the overall intent of the bike, the feel of it, the soul of it.

Bike 1:
Firefly All Rounder Road Bike
Clearance for up to 40-45c tires
2x11 compact drivetrain, probably Shimano
Disc brakes
As close to road geo as possible given the above
This is the bike that I want to be able to take EVERYWHERE, and I like my bikes light, stiff, and responsive.  Think sports car, not a cool old Caddie.

Bike 2
Speedvagen Road Bike
Clearance for up to 28s
2x11 drivetrain, Shimano or Campy
Disc brakes
Agressive, road race geometry.  This is the bike that, when I show up for the Tuesday night ride, says, "hey, you better strap in because I'm bringing it."  Or, it says, "I'm a poser douche but have more money than you."  Either way, it's cool with me.

Bike 3
Pegoretti Marcelo
Campy (duh)
The rest I'd leave up to Dario.  That man is a fucking god, and who am I to tell a god what to do?

That's it for the bikes off the top of my head, but other builders who inspire this kind of daydream, in no particular order: Bishop, Richard Sachs (again, duh), Weigle, ENGLISH, Hampsten...  The list goes on and on and on...

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  1. I specialise in these things.. Money is no object builds.. Most of the MNO builds on Cycleexif are mine.. ;)