Monday, August 3, 2009

An All Too Common Scenario

The other day, a situation arose that many of you will appreciate. Several weeks ago, a gentlemen brought to me a project: an Elf BMX frame, no rear wheel, front wheel from some POS department store bike, no brake cable, no chain, rusted fasteners, etc. My mandate was to make it a rideable bike again.

No problem. Given enough time and beer, I’ll fix a rainy day. Besides, at one time, before it was abused like a cheap prostitute, it had been a cool bike and could be once again. I amassed the necessary parts, put together a comprehensive estimate and got the go-ahead.

Three days later, my Right Hand Man had the bike in the stand to do the repair. Goes to put the rear wheel in and finds the frame is a cruiser. Shit. Technically, that’s my fault, but the presence of the 20” front wheel already installed when the bike was brought in threw me for a loop. Whatever. Call the customer, explain the situation to which I get the reply that, “yeah, I think the original wheels might be behind the shed.” No shit. Well, get me the wheels ASAP and we’ll get the bike complete once more.

Three weeks pass. I leave two messages inquiring about the wheels, what we’re to do with the bike, etc. Finally, the customer brings the original wheels and we’re ready to make it a bike again.

The next day, I fuck you not, the very next day, the customer calls to ask if the bike is ready. Funny, when the fucking wheels were rotting “behind the shed” for three weeks, the customer was in no hurry to get the fucking bike working again, but as soon as we’ve got them, it becomes a tip-top priority to get that bike working again. Fucking people. Maybe if you appreciated the bike in the first place, you would have instructed your douchebag kid to not dismantle a beautiful bike, or at the very least, to hang on to the pieces. Or, here’s an idea: don’t put a beautiful bike behind the shed. Newsflash people: BIKES DON’T LIKE TO BE STORED OUTSIDE. I know, sometimes, you’ve got no choice. I can commiserate, but you better be prepared to hand out a lot more money to keep that bike working properly. Fucking people.

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